Dolphin Trip

Dolphin Spotting in Malaga

Price: Shared trip from 30€/person 2 hours, Private from 160€/hours
Capacity: 1 to 12 people
Location: Fuengirola Port, Costa Del Sol, Malaga

Included: Captain, fuel, snacks, cava ,water, juice, coke, fanta, beer.

  • The Dolphin Watching Experience

    Welcome to the Sea Ray 440 Cruiser. The Dolphin trip is an exhilarating experience suitable for all ages (youngest passengers are just months old and the oldest in their 90s and with special needs (wheelchair accessible boarding is available).

    Enjoy the sound of the sea, dolphin sightings, beautiful coastlines, and beaches on aboard our luxury yaсht. Accommodating up to 12 people, this boat is perfect for sailing with friends and family.

    Gran Nautic is located in Fuengirola, a convenient starting point for exploring the Coast of Spain by boat. Happy sailing!

    Rates / Hour  (private)                             Rates / Hour (Shared)

    1 hour rent   - from €160                        2 hours trip - from €30 per adult
    2 hours rent - from €310                                           - from €20 per child
    3 hours rent - from €440 
    8 hours rent - from €980

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