MiniNautic Boat Rental

MiniNautic Boat Rental

Price: starts from 65€ (1 Hour)
Capacity: 5 people
Location: Fuengirola Port, Costa Del Sol, Malaga

Included: Fuel
Requirements: None

  • About the Boat

    The MiniNautic is a mini-boat which takes a maximum of 5 people.  She is great fun and quite easy, even if you have no license or experience. The MiniNautic is perfect for relaxation and fishing as well. The boat is reliable and easy to control which makes her ideal for exploring the beautiful coastline of Fuengirola.

  • Rates / Hour

    1 hour rent - from €65
    2 hours rent - from €100
    3 hours rent - from €140
    4 hours rent - from €160
    8 hours rent - from €210

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