Lema Duna 290 Yacht Rental

Lema Duna 290 Speedboat

Price: starts from 150€ (1 Hour)
Capacity: 8 people
Location: Fuengirola Port, Costa Del Sol, Malaga

Included: captain, fuel, snacks, drinks (champagne, wine, beer, coke, Fanta juice and water)

  • About the Boat

    Explore coastlines of Fuengirola on a beautiful boat, Lema Duna 290.  Sit back and relax with some drinks and snacks along the way, and soak up the sun looking at dolphins swimming in their natural habitat. Accommodating up to 9 passengers, it is an ideal way for entertaining family and friends. 

    Happy sailing!

  • Rates / Hour

    1 hour rent   - from €150
    2 hours rent - from €280
    3 hours rent - from €390
    4 hours rent - from €550
    8 hours rent - from €940

  • Deposit

    No security deposit

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